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Our Goals

In regard to Christian Fellowship, we emphasize that the church should function as a healthy manifestation of the Body of Christ, as organized by Christ in the Scriptures, but not as a mere organization. Therefore, we desire to…

Practice Radically Distinctive and Vibrant Christian Community

By being visibly committed to relationship-building, which manifests itself in welcoming and embracing people, expressing genuine concern and compassion for others, and intentionally edifying others with our communication, socializing, and activity

By nurturing productive Christian service, which manifests itself in willingly sharing time, energy, self, and resources, as well as sacrificially serving others (other Christians, neighbors and even enemies), instead of cultivating consumeristic mind-sets

By actively fulfilling the “one-another’s” of Scripture in order that we may enjoy a flourishing church life

By being wise, gentle, and hopeful in pursuing and restoring believers who have sinned

By taking responsibility to biblically resolve conflict, striving for reconciliation in order to live at peace with everyone, as possible, while exhibiting humility in correcting others when necessary, and humbly receiving correction when needed, without defensiveness

By sincerely committing to preserve relationships, manifested in solidifying friendships, strengthening marriages, and guarding the unity of the church, brought about by being kind, tenderhearted, and forgiving even as God in Christ has reconciled and forgiven us

By displaying submission to the spiritual leadership of the pastors/elders as they biblically lead, teach, care, and equip the church for the work of the ministry

By providing a multi-generational context where people will have the opportunity to experience the joy of Christian fellowship across generational lines.

In regard to Christian Maturity, we emphasize Biblical teaching that emphasizes sound doctrine, which is of primary importance to the church, thereby producing godly living, Biblical families, and godly leadership. Therefore, we desire to…

Proclaim Christ and Teach the Bible, with a View toward Biblical Conversion and Comprehensive Discipleship

By promoting the gospel with clarity, compassion, conviction, and courage in order to clearly communicate Christian truth in a compelling way to our age and context

By emphasizing personal repentance, renewal, transformation, and holiness of life in order for people to be fully conformed to Christ

By speaking the gospel to those with who we are in relationship

By spending significant time and energy in discipleship

By being honest in our financial dealings, above reproach in all our business dealings, and seeking to be free from burdensome debt, for the sake of advancing the gospel

By affirming, supporting, and equipping fathers in their unique responsibility to train and admonish their children in the Lord and to provide spiritual leadership in the home

By helping build strong marriages that portray the covenant-keeping love between Christ and his Church

By intentionally raising our young people in the hope that they will embrace the biblical pattern for manhood and womanhood

By providing multi-generational opportunities for the young to walk with the wise and learn from older men and women.

Reform the Church in Biblical Theology and Practice

By deeply committing to obey God in all areas, at all points, and with all ability

By creating, cultivating, and sustaining an environment of Biblical learning and development

By emphasizing the intentional development of leadership

By sharing our leaders and members and their gifted lives with the wider church, thus strengthening the Body of Christ

In regard to Christian Worship, we emphasize private, family, and corporate worship manifested in a daily, vibrant, personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, a family worship time which teaches Biblical doctrine on an age-appropriate level and that encourages experiential living out of such Biblical teaching, and also a corporate life which recognizes the necessity of gathering on the Lord's Day for corporate worship and fellowship. Therefore, we desire to…

Exalt the Triune God in Genuine Worship

By corporately gathering as the Body of Christ on the Lord’s Day, as well as other times, as needed, or determined, in order to exhibit the ministry of the Word in a theologically substantial and personally affecting manner

By regularly practicing household worship

By consistently engaging in personal devotional time

By reflecting the gospel through the characteristics of holiness, joy, love, and unity in diversity, in the gathering of God’s people

By exhibiting an age-integrated gathering and attitude in corporate worship

By founding our gatherings on biblical principles and allowing sound doctrine to guide our practice in worship

By providing songs that are beautiful and doctrinally sound, as well as meaningfully composed and accompanied, in

order that the gathered congregation can fervently sing praises to God and edify one another

Manifest Reliance on God’s Provision in Relation to the Prayers of God’s People in order that God will get the glory for His

Gracious Gifts

By making prayer the visible reliance upon God’s power for all our efforts in life, family, ministry, and worship

By praying persistently, consistently, and earnestly, in a concentrated way, for the good of others and the glory of Christ

By making prayer an essential part of the life of our church

By encouraging each household to have regular family prayer

By encouraging faithfulness in private prayer

In regard to Christian Witness, we emphasize evangelism, missions, apologetics, societal and cultural engagement, and starting churches of like-mind and theology. Therefore, we desire to…

Create a Culture of People on Mission and to Produce World-Impacting Disciple-makers who Intentionally Penetrate

Various Cultures with the Life-Changing Gospel in order to Accomplish the Great Commission

By establishing an atmosphere and means by which members discover their callings and are mentored into effective ministry

By purposefully mobilizing and equipping the church to make Christ known and to make disciples of all nations

By encouraging people for personal transformation and productive mission work

By engaging people to creatively use their assets to proclaim and live the Gospel

By coordinating various mission emphases, strategically identifying and organizing ministries, and maximizing resources for rapid multiplication of the Gospel

By cooperating and combining efforts with others where legitimate and possible

By embracing a multi-generational mindset in regard to making disciples

By seeking to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth, including reaching the margins of society and thus to be geographically-universal in emphasis and all-inclusive in intention

By sending and supporting, as possible, those who are willing to go, whether near or far, thereby intentionally taking the gospel where people live, work, and play

By starting new churches as God provides opportunity

By helping people to recognize and be good stewards of their spheres of influence

By instilling a willingness for every one of God’s people to sacrifice every facet of their life in order to see the life of Christ multiplied in others

Transform Societies and Cultures with Gospel Principles

By relationally engaging the culture both locally and globally, including engaging the social structures of ordinary people

By seeking to confront our community and culture with Biblical ideology, thus upholding a comprehensive and consistent Biblical worldview while rejecting unscriptural religions, philosophies, or systems of thought that conflict with biblical teaching

By educating people to think and process information and worldviews in order to recognize various worldviews, thus evaluating and discerning between true and false

By assisting people to evaluate paradigms and to be able to shift to more Biblical paradigms, thus manifesting worldview transformation

By affirming the need for explicitly Christian education

By recognizing the potential in Christian households for strategic hospitality aimed at reaching and welcoming unchurched children and their families into the church

By encouraging cultural engagement with art, business, scholarship, and government from a biblical perspective

By seeking to transform individuals, families, institutions, structures, and systems to conform to biblical principles and for the Biblical formation of values

By fulfilling our responsibilities as citizens of the country where God has placed us

By promoting intercultural and international understanding

By practicing biblical stewardship of our God-given resources in creation, thus seeking to make use of them for God’s kingdom purposes, as well as encouraging productivity in regard to Christian influence in the culture, as opposed to being merely consumeristic

By developing coalitions to accomplish this goal

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