Who We Are

  • A Christ-centered community committed to intentional and deeply caring relationships. 
  • Christ-exalting in our worship, seeking to joyfully worship in Biblical and meaningful ways. 
  • Christ-focused in our discipleship, committed to growing spiritually. 
  • Christ-like in servant hood, seeking to serve others compassionately in practical and concrete ways.
  • Christ-empowered in our disciple-making, engaging in disciple-making with intentionality and sacrificial urgency.

Local Body of Believers

Redeeming Grace Church is a local church that strongly believes in cooperating with other churches to further the kingdom of God. Therefore, we are affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention on the national level and cooperate closely with like-minded churches in our local area.

Our vision

We desire to be known as a church that

  • Deeply commits to caring relationships
  • Joyfully and meaningfully participates in corporate worship
  • Focuses on being spiritually mature
  • Willingly participates in sacrificial ministry to others
  • Actively engages in outreach
  • Influences our community and culture with the Lordship of Christ