Arrival and schedule

When you arrive feel free to park where you desire. You will note that there are two buildings. The front building is the worship facility; the back building is the fellowship building. Some cars may be parked back by the fellowship building because we make use of that building on some Sundays for our fellowship meal. 

As you enter the front doors you will find yourself in the foyer. We do not have printed bulletins as everything will be displayed on the screen. You may notice an offering box in the foyer. We do not pass offering plates, but allow people to place their offering in the box (which remains in the foyer) at their convenience. Restrooms are located behind the worship area, in the rear of the building, They can be accessed through one of two doors at the back of the worship area (facing the pulpit area, they will be on the left and right sides of the building).

Our worship time starts at 10:00 AM and ends at approximately 11:15 AM. We include the children in our worship gathering, though there is a room for nursing mothers off of the foyer area. This room has a window and speaker so the mothers can participate in corporate worship. 

On the first and third Sundays, we usually have a fellowship meal, to which all guests are invited. We bring food and drinks to share. This is an enjoyable time for fellowship. On all other Sundays, we usually have a short prayer time in the fellowship building and the children have a catechism class in the worship facility. These usually last about thirty minutes. 

For further descriptions of our Sundays, please read the following sections. 

Sundays Are Special

We seek to live out biblical Christianity in the midst of a sinful world. The Lord's Day is a day to be refreshed from our week in this world and to be revitalized for the coming week. We treat the Lord's Day as a joyous weekly holiday for the family of God to remember our Creator and Redeemer.

Our gatherings are simple, normally consisting of Scripture reading, prayers, songs, and preaching. Because we take the Bible seriously there is substantial Bible reading and in-depth preaching of the Word of God. The manner of preaching is expository, meaning that normally we will study through a particular book of the Bible, teaching verse-by-verse and drawing the teaching from the text itself. We view congregational singing as important, thus we sing songs that are designed for congregational singing, that have edifying and worshipful words, and that help us to focus on God and His works.

A Friendly Church

Our people are warm and friendly in their reception of guests and are very easy to get along with. We love people of all ages, including children. You will find that we are very family-friendly. We understand that children need to be trained to sit through a worship service and occasional noises are not a distraction. We also know that sometimes children can be disruptive and need to be taken out. We encourage parents to teach and discipline their children as needed and then return with them to the worship service.