Ekklesia Seminary

Ekklesia provides theological education through distance learning for men unable to access other opportunities in order to strengthen churches with theologically trained leaders. Many international pastors need theological education in order to teach sound doctrine and have no means of attaining it. There are also men in North America who desire to further their training but are not able to access such training, either because of geographical limitations or financial limitations. Upon completion of their studies, qualified students will receive the Masters of Divinity degree, or the Master of Theological Studies degree, for which Ekklesia is approved by the State of Florida.


Dr. Jonny White is the founding Dean of Ekklesia Seminary. He has been married to his wife, Marseilles, for thirty years and they have three adult children: Victoria, Spencer, and Andrew. Dr. White is also the Pastor of Redeeming Grace Church and has served in various churches for thirty years. His curriculum vitae can be viewed here.