Ekklesia Seminary

Ekklesia is a free theological education for men unable to access other opportunities in order to strengthen churches with theologically trained leaders. Many international pastors need theological education in order to teach sound doctrine and have no means of attaining it. In addition, many inmates in correctional facilities desire to prepare for the ministry and even to plant churches within the prisons. There are also men in North America who desire to further their training but are not able to access such training, either because of geographical limitations or lack of finances. Ekklesia can provide seminary level courses for all three of these groups. Upon completion of their studies, qualified students will receive the Masters of Divinity degree, for which Ekklesia is approved by the State of Florida.

Ekklesia will employ distance learning with students receiving one-on-one discipleship from qualified volunteer mentors. Mentors are responsible for grading and communicating with only a few students. This will allow maximum relationship opportunities without the mentors experiencing overload. Men interested in volunteering to be mentors will need to complete an application regarding spiritual maturity, sound doctrinal knowledge, references, and areas of agreement or disagreement with our statement of faith. Students are responsible for securing their mentors. Ekklesia is able to help finds mentors in limited circumstances. In regard to international students, serving as a mentor is a wonderful opportunity for personal mission outreach, especially for missions-minded pastors.


The founding Dean of Ekklesia Seminary is Jonny White, Ph.D. He has been married to his wife, Marseilles, for twenty-three years and they have three children: Victoria, age twenty; Spencer, age seventeen; and Andrew, age twelve. Jonny is also pastor of Redeeming Grace Church and has served as pastor/elder in various churches for over twenty years. His curriculum vitae can be viewed here.